Top 5 Nepal Cricket Facebook Pages you should FOLLOW in 2020

Written by Golden Duck

Sep 25, 2020

September 25, 2020

Facebook, you know it, I know it, even our 80+ Grandparents know it, it’s a global phenomenon, and it has everything in it. It’s like a mini world inside it, and to no surprise, there are Facebook pages about Nepal Cricket. The love for the game never runs out, even though you’re no longer playing the beautiful game of cricket, you want to follow it. With that in consideration, today, we take a look at the five nepali cricket pages you definitely should follow in 2020.


To start things up, it’s good ol’ Cric Nepal. There were and are the Cricbuzz/Espn CricInfo of Nepal. They are everything you need to stay up to date with Nepal Cricket, live match scores, news. Lately, they have been found guilty of using Cringworthy titles, other than that they are fantastic.

Their Kehi Garnu Cha Yeha is still the best song dedicated to Nepali Cricket, in my opinion.

The goosebumps……

“Nepal have done it, misfield at mid-off and Nepal are there; Nepal are heading to the ICC World Twenty Twenty in 2014 in Bangladesh.”

Gully Cricket Nepal

Memes are wonderful. If, shockingly, you don’t believe that, just check our Gully Cricket Nepal; you’ll fall in love with memes. GCN manages to stand out among other meme pages with their dedication and hard work. Memes are entertaining, unbiased and exciting; what else can I say check them out for yourself.

Gully Cricket Nepal Golden Duck

BLURET Cricket

That is one hell of a unique name, and according to their Cover Picture.

B : Breath For Cricket

L : Love For Cricket

U : United For Cricket

R : Read About Cricket

E : Enthusiasts For Cricket

T : Cricket Till I Die

A word to describe BLURET Cricket is Ben Stokes; oh wait, that’s two words. Anyways, BLURET has you covered in Memes, News, Stats, and everything in between. It tough to be good at so many things, but BLURET somehow manages it; kudos to the team or the individual.

BLURET Cricket Golden Duck

Routine of Nepali Cricket

It is very coherent that another Facebook page inspired the name. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it instead tricks the brain into expecting the class, and quality routine of Nepal Banda has been delivering. That is an enormous shoe to fill, but honestly, they manage to do so magnificently. You can follow them for up-to-date cricket news updates on Nepal Cricket Team, stats, IPL Birthday wishes and many more. You gotta follow them.

Routine of Nepali Cricket

Troll Cricket Nepal

Surprise surprise ……. no. 1 page to follow is a meme page. It is evident that I love memes and am suggesting you to like a lot of meme pages. Among all the pages, Troll Cricket Nepal is hands-down the best. It’s not just another meme page. The memes are unbiased, fascinating, enticing, lively, and humorous.

Troll Cricket Nepal

Their pinned picture of Paras Khadka summarizes the page nicely. Even Sandeep Lamichanne follows it, that says a lot. If I try to explain this excellent page, I’ll be lost for word and be here all day; rather, check them out, like, follow them, share them, subscribe to them, do everything. 😆 😆

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  1. Dipen Pokharel

    Good to see our page ranked no. 1 .. Thank you

    • Golden Duck

      Haha Bruh Your content is awesome, it had to be number 1. Keep up with your good work bro 🙂🙂


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