Indian Cricket: Road to 2021 Cricket World Cup Glory

Written by Golden Duck

Sep 6, 2020

September 6, 2020

The Indian Cricket team has been doing exceptionally well in the last decade or so. The standard of their cricket has grown up significantly. It comes with no surprise; their fans expect them to win trophies in every Global event they participate. But it hasn’t happened that way. India has only won two ICC Global tournament in the 2010s; one champions trophy in 2013 and one World Cup in 2011. Is it enough for a cricketing powerhouse? No, Absolutely No, because they have been beating teams to submissions in bilateral series both at home and away. India has failed to reach Finals in every single ICC tournaments apart from 2014 WT20 and 2017 Champions Trophy, since 2013.

So, today I am going to explain how exactly Virat’s Indian team can lift another ICC Global Event Trophy.

1. Opening Partner for Rohit

India has lacked a good opening pair since 2014. Rohit Sharma has been phenomenal, but his partners are continually changing in Dhawan, Rahul, Shaw, Rahane.
So, they must bring one young and dynamic opening partner in Prithi Shaw for Rohit. So, he can release the pressure off Rohit and allow Rohit to play freely and hopefully long marathon innings.

Opening partner for Rohit Sharma is needed

2. Middle Order !!!

I can’t find out who is India’s finest middle-order player in limited over cricket since 2011. They are changing the player like they are changing shirts; anyway, if they want to win one more world cup under Virat Kohli, they must find out one like Raina, Yuvi, who can perform consistently in middle order esp at no. 4.

3. Proper All-Rounder

Since Kapil Dev, India has almost lost their way to find good pace-bowling all-rounder. You will be thinking about Hardik Pandya, Right ??? No mate, he plays like hit or miss cricket. You can’t survive like this in international cricket. Spend a few money on those players who can play proper cricket shot and helps bowler to slow down the run rate. Come on guys it’s been a long time we haven’t seen any good Indian all-rounder. At least bring one or two guys who can give pressure to Hardik.

4. Replacement of Dhoni !!!

Nobody is going to replace Dhoni, seriously no one can replace him. India has to move on and bring talented young wicketkeeper-batsman. Sanju Samson could be a good option.

5. Bumrah’s Bowling Partner

After long, long years India finally got its prime bowler. Its excellent news for Indians but who is going to partner him?? That’s a huge question to be answered. Shami, Bhuvi one of them must grow significantly and should help Bumrah, especially in death overs.

6. Give Your Spinner A Little More Time

The topic speaks for itself. Kuldip and Chahal failed to deliver in 2019 World Cup, but they must be given another chance to deliver. Every player suffers from bad tournaments, and they suffered big time. But, Virat must trust and play them together if they are to win the world cup.

7. Maintain Good Relationships Between Rohit and Kohli

Virat is an excellent player, a role model of every young generation. Everyone loves and admires him, but he needs to control his aggression. His arrogance is killing his team. Rohit is a cool, calm and composed. He can control Virat’s aggression. They both need to partner with each other during field settings and bowling change.

8. Remove Politics From Cricket

The main reason behind Indian cricket not getting great player consistently is their cricket board. Cricket Board brings politics in cricket. That hurts me very much. It’s sure India will be losing too many talented players from that and cricket will not grow. They must look over this.

Are they going to fix this or start blaming each other for the loss ???


Hoping for the best. Best of luck Virat and The Team


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  1. Qzero

    He plays like hit or miss cricket??? What a bizarre comment on Pandya, please check stats before commenting. I can completely see your hate towards Virat, Pandya and other indian players. Aggression??? Killing his team??? You are totally wrong my bro. Can you remember his arrogance in these 3 years??? This post is really biased, who doesnot want the indians victory. But other points are top and well written, hope many more will come. Thank you


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