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We can work together to provide the best value to our customers.

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Support us by invesing in our aim to encourage youngster to persue their career in cricket.

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*You know 24/7 is a lie, right? We hope you don't expect to get an answer at 1 A.M.


Do we ship products?

Yes, we do! But we are very sorry to inform you that it only holds true for kathmandu valley only. In case you want products to be shipped outside Kathmandu valley, paid shipping can be managed.

What is return policy?

Yes, we accept returned good but terms and conditions apply. The product must be damaged or must have to “out of standards “. Please note that refund is not available. You can buy any other goods within that price from our store.

How can I get discount?

Please understand that bargaining is not available. However, you can get discount from limited coupons and sales we offer. Subscribe us to be one of the few to get discounts.

How can we support you?

Firstly, Thank You very much for your interest. Support can be of any form, monetary support can be provided by investing in our stocks or good ol’ donation.

Having said that, we are aware that not everyone can provide monetary support. Don’t worry you can still support us by following our social media handles and by sharing your thoughts on our products with your family and friends.

Additionally, any feedback on our services will do wonders for us and we would be very grateful to you.

What else are you working on?

We are in this for a long haul. We’re a group of “Youngster” who are in love with this beautiful game called Cricket but didn’t persue career in it due to various reasons. This is our effort to nullify those reasons. 
To be short and precise, We want to encourage teenager and their parents to persue career in this amazing sports.

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