My Top 5 Best Batsman of all time

Written by Golden Duck

Aug 31, 2020

August 31, 2020

Without further ado, let’s get straight to it; my top 5 best batsman of all time:

  1. Jacques Kallis

I still remember that day when Kallis retired from international cricket. ‘Why? ‘Why now’ ‘Why not after playing WorldCup?’ These questions were continuously raised in my mind. He retired just 12 months before the world cup 2014. Being a South African fan, we had the great chance to win the world cup as he was the greatest allrounder of all time, what we really missed in that WorldCup. The only player to have over 10 thousand runs and 250 wickets in both Test and one-day cricket was phenomenal.

Jacques Kallis century Celebration
  1. Paras Khadka

Even a book is not enough to describe our God of Nepali cricket Paras Khadka. He is doing everything that a cricket player can do for his nation. The man for whom different names try their best to describe him yet are not quite able to; destructive, athletic, gentlemen, passionate, humble, versatile, allrounder. He led Nepal for 10 long years; he took Nepal to ICC T20 WorldCup 2014 and ODI status from division five. He is the only Nepali to score one day and t20 hundred and the world’s first-ever captain to score t20 hundred while chasing. Thank You, my captain, for 4 ICC WCL trophies and 2 ACC trophies.

Paras Khadka Batting

3. Ricky Ponting

Love at first sight?? Yes, that was the batting I wanted to watch the whole day without blinking my eyes. Punter’s short movement before striking the ball was pure love. I was in love with his leading capabilities, performing in crucial matches, and mainly his aggression. He led that unbeaten Australian side with most ODI wins, 2nd most Test wins, two world cups and 16 consecutive test wins.

Ricky Ponting Waves Goodbye

2. Virat Kohli

The King of Cricket- An idol, an icon, purest of the pure soul Virat Kohli. The run machine whose passion for the game of cricket inspired many, who delayed his father’s funeral for cricket. His talents and skills are extraordinary. He is a loyal keeper of ODI centuries, a dedicated sportsman, and the world’s most famous cricketer. Virat Kohli hands-down is the greatest batsman of the world with a fifty-plus average in all ODI, T20, and Test.

Virat Kholi Century Celebration
  1. Abrahim Benjamin de Villiers

My heart beats faster while watching his batting. Heart to heart connection? Yes, this is what I wanted to say. Always I am very nervous and excited watching his batting, “Please God, please God, don’t out my superman” these are the words I wish during his match. AB, the superman who redefined cricket with his 360 shots, unwatchable skills, and natural abilities. The cricketing genius who changed the rules of cricket also has a real bomb of talents in golf, swimming, football, table tennis, and other sports.

AB De Villars Mr.360

A cricketer with zero haters and the versatile player AB can do anything on the field, he can bowl, bat, keep behind the wicket, catch, and score 100 in 31 balls, and he can defend 100 balls without scoring a run. I smiled after seeing he was smiling. I cheered for him, and I will always, and I cried for the first time watching cricket when he broke down in the semifinal against New Zeland. I still remember I cried a lot that day. Thank you, Ab, for coming in life. Always love you.

Notable mentions:- Adam Gilchrist, Hasim Amla, Graeme Smith

  • Adam Gilchrist:
    He revolutionize the role of wicket keepers to say the least.
  • Hasim Amla:
    Humble, down to earth lad with a knack of scoring big and I mean very big.
  • Greame Smith:
    True Leader, Great professional and outstanding batsman; what else can you ask for?

– Samyog Mani Adhikari, Golden Duck



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